All Bello’s signature blends provide a smooth coffee experience. Constructed entirely from AA beans sourced from the Grand Cru Collection, our blends have been individually developed and remain unique to Bello. We are proud to roast a strong Gold (6 bean) blend and a milder Premium (8 bean blend).

SPECIAL: $26 a kilo for both blends if you email us on shop@bello-cafe.com


Our bold Gold blend has a strong, rich flavour. The Gold blend is a 6 bean mix of Arabica coffee beans.  Ethiopian and Kenyan Arabica beans are the most predominant in this blend. This roast produces a stronger and richer flavour than the Premium 8 bean blend.


Our smooth Premium blend has been crafted and roasted to perform both with and without milk and sugar. The Premium blend is a mild and aromatic 8 bean mix of mostly Arabica beans from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. A small portion of Robusta beans are used to add ‘strength’ to the flavour of the coffee.

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