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"After trying several different beans, the workplace "coffee club" that I run has agreed on Bello Gold as our favourite bean and we have been buying this bean for the past 18 months or so. I load the grinder with a "mystery bean" every now and then but we always come back to Bello Gold. Awesome flavour and crema using a Sunbeam Cafe series grinder and EM6910 expresso machine." 
Damon Howes
Google review: 12 September 2018
"I cannot tell you how excited I was this morning when I grabbed a very much needed coffee on my way to a meeting which I was totally late for! I parked the car near Murray St and headed for the first café I could see... It MUST have been fate or some kind of coffee force pulling me towards it!! I raced over and placed my order... I knew from the moment I stood there it had to be supplied by Bello... call it Barista intuition!! It had the Bello aura around it... I asked the guy what coffee he used and he replied with the exact same thing I say when someone asks "'its a new company" we both said at the same time "Bello".... Honestly I actually nearly cried, I was so happy for the owner who has just in the last week opened, it reminded me of my early days when Bello quite literally saved my business!!! I am so honoured and proud to have been a Bello customer. You are doing such an amazing job guys, I was proud as punch today! See you all very soon  GO TEAM BELLO!"
Claire Rankin, Robkin's Coffee
Facebook Nov 2013
"We had visitors from overseas who are used to drinking this beverage in their home country (not Bello mind you). The unanimous consensus was "the best coffee" they've had so far, (as the barista on the day I'm not ashamed to also take some of the credit for this fantastic coffee partnership)." 
Philippe Kaltenrieder, Boyup Brook
"Best coffee I've ever had, grinds and pours beautifully 🙂 I have been spreading the word and brand of how amazing our coffees taste at Franno's Froffee Coffee in Karratha WA. Thank you for letting us use your coffee to kick start our business." 
Nikki Franssen
'Franno's Froffee Coffee' Karratha


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